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Most Companies do not keep their Website up to date

Team Management

Our many years of internal market research has resoundingly revealed that most companies DO NOT KEEP THEIR WEBSITE UP TO DATE.

Read on to find out why this is relevant specifically to you and your company.

 Management Team

When speaking with a long-time customer, he told me that their corporate headquarters considered that a franchisee only needed to update their website every 3 years. 3 years?

Interesting idea, but not true!

Here are examples of other scenarios I have heard or seen that caused delays in updates:

My IT person takes too long to make the changes.

  • I’ve waited 6 weeks for basic changes and they are still not done.
  • I have no time to update my website.
  • I need to change the pictures and haven’t gotten around to it.
  • I can’t find the guy that made the site originally.
  • We’ve had our website like that for years.

These are just some comments I have heard recently.

Seo Team

Google wants fresh, new content added consistently, as this helps with your Search Engine Optimization. If you are not adding content, at the absolute bare minimum of one article per month on your website, then your business is not being found by those who are searching. This is why CONTENT IS KING!

Google Algorithm

Technology is moving at warp speed and Google makes updates daily, weekly, and monthly, including updating the way their algorithms work with the aim of constantly improving search results. If your site isn’t getting updated consistently, your business will fall behind.

Some signs your website needs updating:

  • Broken links on your website
  • You’re not as excited anymore with the look and feel of the website
  • You haven’t added any content for some time
  • Business hours are not up to date
  • You haven’t updated those pictures for years or put any descriptions under them
  • You are not getting as much traffic to the website as you used to
  • You are seeing other websites that look amazing and you’re thinking it’s time to revamp yours
  • When people are searching on your site they have to manually expand the content to read it on their mobile devices
  • You have a WordPress website but haven’t done the WordPress updates
  • There are no Google Analytics installed on your website
  • Your current staff or services are not accurately represented on your website


News Updates

What can happen when your website is not current? Well, I recently went to a business whose website noted they were open on Saturdays. I drove all the way over there and they were closed. That pushes your business to your competitors!

Just as your phone gets regular updates, so does web technology. It’s ongoing, consistent activity. Although some business owners say they don’t have the time, websites must be routinely updated, thereby keeping consumers coming to your site, buying your products and services – and not your competitor!

If any of the above points describe you or your business, you’re in luck!

Development Team

DIT Web Solutions has been expanding to serve you better!

Our team is ready to get your updates done in a timely manner. You purchase a block of development hours, and we will get to work updating your website and keeping your site visible to those customers searching for your products and services.

You can use these hours whenever you need them to get any changes and updates you need done on your site. Unused hours stay on account until you need them again.

Website Developer

If your website is not being kept up to date or you’re not getting changes done fast enough, sign up for the DIT Web Solutions “Website Update Service.” Call us at 416-461-1143 or toll-free at 1-866-529-6237.

Whether you are in Canada, the US, Europe, or on Mars, call or send us an email at info@ditcanada.com to find out which package will work best for you.